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Radford University Crowdfunding Project Application


Thank you for your interest in leading a fundraising project on The Hive. 

The next round of projects will run:

  • College-wide projects June 1-29, 2023
  • Unit and department-specific projects June 1-29, 2023 

This application will evaluate your project's suitability for our platform

In order to participate you must have the following things:

  1. A Radford University Foundation account already established.
  2. Active social media (Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn).
  3. A natural audience who would be willing to support this campaign effort.
  4. Approval and support from an Advisor (for student organizations) - This would be a Dean or Department Chair for Academic or Research projects and the Vice President of Student Affairs for clubs or organizations.
  5. High-resolution photos (preferably of students participating in an activity that will be supported by your fund).

Radford University’s Annual Giving Office will facilitate by setting up each chosen project's page within the crowdfunding platform - using images, videos and copy provided by the project leaders - sending a generalized launch email when all projects go live, and providing general recommendations for the successful marketing of your project. Please keep in mind that the information you enter into the "Brief Description" will be the primary source of information on your project's fundraising page if your project is accepted. With this in mind, please write your description as you would expect to see it on the project's landing page.

It is each Project Lead’s responsibility with the support of their appropriate team to send social media messages including the giving site, impact statements  (statements that explain why donations are important or how funding would be/has been used) and photos frequently to their project audience. Each applicant group must be willing to share their page’s content several times throughout the duration of the crowdfunding campaign in order to meet campaign goals. Your team will need to provide updates and remain actively engaged (utilizing social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sending emails, and/or creating/posting/sending new videos). It is recommended that team members commit 15-20 minutes per day for the length of the campaign.

Before proceeding - do you understand your responsibilities as a project lead/team member? If not, please contact the Assistant Director of Annual Giving at

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

How many people will be assisting you with promoting this project and soliciting gifts?

Who would be most interested to support? (ex. former participants/recipients, friends...)

How will this project benefit Radford University or the community?

Ex. Boots $250, Travel $500 per student, Food $100 per student, Equipment $1,000

Full name of Foundation Fund or ID# if applicable. If you are unsure, please type "I don't know."

Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram

Stewardship means letting your donors know/see how their funds were used.

These should be clear/high-resolution, without distortion, preferably with students in action.

Though not required, video significantly aids the success of Hive projects.
Have questions? Send us an email at