The Highlander Student Emergency Fund

Support students with emergent needs

College is already a significant transition for many young adults and carries its own stressors, however some college students face added challenges during this new chapter in their lives such as food insecurity or, due to circumstances beyond their control, finding themselves in urgent need of financial resources to support basic needs.

The Highlander Student Emergency Fund helps to alleviate these challenges for our students.

Help us enhance the quality of life for students who have an urgent need for reliable food or financial sources by connecting them with available resources that will empower them to succeed.

Your gift today will help us provide resources such as:

  • The Highlander Food Pantry - available to all Highlanders - students, faculty or staff - offering discreet access to free food items.
  • Help with unexpected and essential bills such as those associated with medical, transportation and/or basic utilities.
  • Temporary, urgent living expense support.

Please consider a gift today to help students in need!