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Honoring Porterfield Hall and Theatre at Radford University

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Support Theatre students and receive a piece of the Porterfield Stage!


The Pridemore Playhouse within Porterfield Hall played host to many magnificent artists and performances.  Many memories were shared on and around the stage by students, faculty and community members alike. With its rich history of providing a space for our theatre students to realize their creativity into action as well as educating and entertaining the campus and surrounding community for more than four decades, it is no wonder so many have developed such a fondness for the theatre many called "home."

"Oh what sweet memories of Pridemore Theatre and the Hayes Stage! It seems I spent more of my Radford life here than any other place on or off campus. I am who I am because of life in and around Pridemore Theatre and the Hayes Stage. How lucky am I to have trod those boards!" 

GeGe Ellenburg Beall, '82, '90, Radford University Alumni Board of Directors

"Performing and directing in Porterfield was always an amazing experience. The intimacy with the audience, coupled with the advanced (for the time) functionality of the facility was unforgettable. Plus, I met my wife on that stage!" 

Mark Curran '82

We are calling upon our Radford Family of theatre enthusiasts to celebrate the rich history of theatre at Radford University by supporting students studying theatre within the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) with a minimum contribution of $150 to support theatre students.  

For your minimum gift of $150 to the theatre fund of your choice, you will receive a Porterfield Hall Memory Plaque featuring a photo of Porterfield Hall and a sample of the flooring taken from one of the original traps of the stage. Each piece is unique, complete with randomly spattered paint, possible screw/nail holes, spike tape, and other echoes of its meaningful past, all testifying to the character of the stage and the many productions that crossed its boards. 

$50 of your gift will cover expenses associated with the plaque and the remaining amount of your gift will benefit theatre students through the fund you've chosen. Quantities are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one plaque will be provided per gift. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact Richard Dunham, Chair - Department of Theatre and Cinema at 

Please consider a gift today to ensure future students can continue their education and explore the bounds of their talents and creativity within their new home, The Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity (CAIC).